Become Undefeatable: The philosophy of Miyamoto Musashi

The Japanese ideology of self improvement

4 min readJun 2


I have lately been reading a lot of self improvement and recently realised that this can become toxic too. I came across lots of people who protected their energy too much that they become robots. For them, this self improvement worked like a software update and then we forget their motives. Self improvement is something that is undefinable. It means something different for me and you.

For me, self improvement might be waking up on time to attend my morning call but for you it might mean starting to eat healthy. We as humans cannot be bound by a single definitions and that implies to our personalities too. Don’t practise self improvement to an extent that you become a factory product. While reading more about it, I came across the japanese philosophies. After finishing Ikigai, I was looking up more such idea and came across Miyamoto Musashi.

Miyamoto Musashi, a name that resonates with the spirit of the samurai, a legend etched into the annals of time. The more I read about it, the more intrigued I was; so much that I have to sit down and share his knowledge with you too.

Musashi, a man of both sword and pen, was born in 1584 amidst the tumultuous era of Japan. He emerged as a legendary swordsman, undefeated in countless duels, and renowned for his unique dual-sword fighting style. But Musashi was not merely a master of the blade; he was a philosopher, an artist, and a seeker of truth.

His idea of self improvement was pretty straightforward: practise self-discipline.

In the depths of his being, Musashi understood that self-improvement was not confined to the physical realm. He believed that the path to mastery was one that encompassed the mind, body, and spirit. His teachings resonate with those who seek to transcend their limitations and embrace their true potential.

He understood that true growth required the unwavering commitment to practice and honing one’s skills. Musashi wrote “The Book of Five Rings” a masterpiece that delves into strategy, combat, and the art of self-improvement. Within its pages, he emphasizes the importance of daily training and…