5 Must have Notion templates

Notion is an all-in-one place but not just for productivity enthusiast or students but for anyone who wants to organise their lives. There are people who use it for their startups and also people who want to track the number of times they lost and won in among us! (Guilty). With notion, your life can become from one confused list of tasks to an organised platter. However- there are a few tricks too!

Creating Notion dashboards is simple but it is time consuming when you start from scratch. There are a lot of setups that one needs to do from designing, content finalising to finally creating. The more well thought notion dashboard you want, the more complex it can become with multiple integrations and formulas.

But where there is a problem there is an online hack for it! Notion creators do so that you don’t have to. There are people who create dashboard which will just fit in to any need you have. Especially for creators — one needs to manage their calendar, content creation time, multiple social medias, and the list goes on. Here is a list of Notion templates which are community approved and will make your life much easier!

  1. The ultimate brain

Both the templates, by Thomas Frank and Easlo are amazing at what they do. There is a big difference in the prices of these templates one being $99 and the other being $129. Thomas Frank’s is at a lower price but Easlo’s template also comes with a minimal aesthetic, access to a Notion second brain community and multiple databases. Thomas Frank’s template includes youtube tutorials to integrate your dashboard and many more other integrations!

Easlo’s Second Brain

Thomas Frank’s Ultimate Brain

2. Finance Tracker

Be it a student or a working professions, finance tracking will always be important. Keeping track of your spendings is a habit that everyone needs to follow. It keeps one away from mindless spendings. With finance tracking you can

  • take control of your money

Here is a financial tracker for the same:

Easy Finance Tracker

3. Journaling

Keeping a track of journals is a hefty task. With this journaling template you can track your habits, finances, journals and even your goals. It has minimal widgets which make the template look more aesthetic

Get the template here: daily journaling

4. Content Creation Hub

This is for all content creators. This will help you automate the content creation process and help you manage your social medias at a much faster pace. You can search, ideate and get inspired all using a simple template! This is a master template which also includes tool to make the content creation system better. Get SEO tools, social media manager, track goals and create content!

Get the template here: Content Creation Hub

5. Project Management

Easlo’s Get Things Done is an amazing template which escalates the project management process. Getting Things Done is a popular time management and productivity system introduced by David Allen which was transformed into a high quality notion template. This template will help you can

  • penning down your thoughts in a separate space

Get the template there: Get Things Done

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