15 Notion templates for all your needs

Notion is a work place that you can use for all your needs. Be it tracking your workout, planning meals, working on your next project and even keeping a track of your university classes — Notion is a one stop solution for it all.

Where there are people who like to use notion, there are also people who cater to all your needs and make templates that can simplify your life. Here is a list of 50+ notion templates that can help you in every way possible.

  1. Notion Bullet Journals: Be more resourceful by journaling in an organised manner.

2. Notion Life Dashboard: Helps you manage your to-do list, deadlines, weekly goals and lot more

3. Freelancer’s Dashboard: If you are a freelancer, this will make you life easier. It will not only help you manage your clients but also make the entire process of project management easier.

4. Student Dashboard: All tools that a high school student or a univeristy student will need to manage their schooling.

5. Resume Template: Yes, you can create a very minimal and efficient resume right here in Notion

6. Complete student life bundle: Get all the premium templates like second brain, getting things done and even bullet journaling right in one bundle

7. Student Index: Improve your note making and have an organised student’s dashboard

8. Automated Finance Tracker: Track your money, pay your debts, invest and gain financial freedom.

9. Stoic Life Journal: For anyone trying to improve their lifestyle and live in a more minimal manner — this is the template for them. It will bring in more clarity to you and also bring you closer to the stoic lifestyle

10. Website pack: Create your website in Notion within minutes

11. Product Launch Manager: Next time you have a product that you would want to launch on Product Hunt, this is the template that will help you tick mark all the prerequisites.

12. Goals and resolution manager: We all want to become the best versions of ourselves but we leave our hustles mid way too. This template will help you be loyal to your goals and track them in a better way

13. Creator’s Guide and Dashboard: This is a creator’s best friend. Through this you can manage content for all your platforms from youtube to instagram.

14. Complete template bundle: This is a 6 in 1 template bundle which give you Irresistible Offer OS, Notion Digital Business Kit, Supreme Second Brain, Notion Cloud, Twitter Master Kit and Minimalistic Habits Tracker

15. Health OS: This template will help you keep a track of your both physical and mental health.

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